Supports for shelves and hangrail on oval tube 30 x 15 mm - length 280 mm

Usage notes To be inserted into horizontal profiles CRH, FMH and single point supports BRH, BCH
Technical specifications To be matched with TOA.CAV2 saddle (not included). Comlpete with TOA.SB30 support for oval hangrail 30 x 15 mm
Lengths Finishes * Special finishing   Materials Legend: Aluminium Steel Plastic 100 mm*180 mm*180 mm*280 mm*280 mm*380 mm*380 mm*280 mm*380 mm*290 mm*
Downloadable Documents
Correlated Each image send back to the technical sheet Article Description Material Finishing Quantity BCH.0050.NAT Single point support - rear fixing Aluminium
BRH.0050.NAT Single point support - rear fixing Aluminium
BSH.0045.TRA Transparent gasket to block support - width 45 mm Plastic
CRH.3012.NAT Horizontal equippable profile for removable panels Aluminium
FMH.3012.NAT Horizontal equippable profile with posterior fixing Aluminium
STH.3012.NAT Horizontal equippable profile for stone slabs Aluminium
TOA.CAV2.NKS Metal saddle for wood/glass shelves Steel