Double slotted profile

Usage notes For panel thickness from 8 mm (to fit flush) up to 19 mm
Technical specifications Fixing holes, 222 mm pitch. Panel fixing with CLIP (CRA.CLIP.GRA / CRB.CLIP.GRE / CRL.CLIP.GRE)
Lengths Finishes * Special finishing   Materials Legend: Aluminium Steel Plastic 2013 mm2531 mm3012 mm***
Downloadable Documents
Correlated Each image send back to the technical sheet Article Description Material Finishing Quantity CRA.CLIP.GRE Tearing resistance about 18 kg Metal
CRA.DIM1.NAT Drilling template for installation of CRA.CLIP.GRE, CRB.CLIP.GRE, CRL.CLIP.GRE fixing clips. Axis: 6 mm Aluminium
CRA.V100.ZIN Specific screw for CRA.CLIP.GRE clip fixing. Thickness 8 mm Metal
CRA.VS16.ZIN Specific screw for CRA.CLIP.GRE clip fixing. Thickness from 16 mm Metal
CRB.CLIP.GRE Tearing resistance about 12 kg Metal
CRF.CLIP.GRE Tearing resistance about 250 kg Metal
CRL.CLIP.GRE Tearing resistance about 40 kg Metal
FPN.01CN.TRA Frontal panel hook/fastener, central. CR series Plastic
FPN.01DX.TRA Frontal panel hook/fastener, right. CR series Plastic
FPN.01SX.TRA Frontal panel hook/fastener, left. CR series Plastic