Top range

The series of supports 11 | 22 | 25 | 28, that identify the top of FitArt's range, use two different patents.

The extruded aluminium composition gives to these supports a constant finish over the time and high aesthetic characteristics, while the internal steel part, able to work with double slotted tracks, gives to the supports high load capacity.
The above items allow to have unique aesthetic and technical solutions, especially if used with cladding systems and supports with lateral insertion (11 series).



The innovative solution to construct your panelled and equipped walls of any environment

The only configurator that allows you to work with YOUR MATERIALS to create your interior furnishing solutions, providing you with a complete list of components and sizes for cutting

-Sketch your interior
-Pre-configure the type of wall
-Customize the measures with accessories and finishes.


Custom Kitchen Accessories

The kitchen section comes with:

- multi-material solutions for cladding in the kitchen;
- design accessories and original applications to personalize spaces and to satisfy different customized requests.


The embedded skirting profile: ZK6

This double profile, composed of a base and a cover and needed for the realization of the embedded skirting, has three different functions:

1) it works as a starting plinth for profiles positioning (leveling the base of ZK6 skirting profile, by fixing it at the highest point of the floor, it allows the correct postioning of the profiles). This profile, used with the appropriate accessories, is compatible with all wall systems of FitArt's range.

2) it fits flush with the paneling, it has the same finishing of the aluminium profiles used for paneling or it can be customized with the same finishing of the panels. The aluminium cover is set back by 1 mm respect to the outer edge of the paneling to permit the customization.

3) it receives lighting in the cavity of the plinth giving the light blade effect, functional to the interior chosen. zione scelta.


Supports with invisible fixing

and a high level of industrial customization

Invisible clip mounting on milled side (T series, F series, S series, 11 series).

The patented system used by FitArt for the removable and invisible shelf assembly is producing more and more models.
The success of this fixing method is multiplying the number of the supports models, within the FitArt's products range, to satisfy different installation requirements, such as:
- inclined version of the shelves; (T.I15 series, S.I15 series, 11.I15 series).
- different thicknesses of the shelves;
- different depths of the shelves;
- customized shape for the frontal edge of the shelves.

This year, the S series will be added. It becomes more competitive for all those applications that require lower load capacity and reduced depths due to the only two teeth insertion into slotted profile with all benefits of the final aesthetic result.


GHOST System

The Ghost is an innovative patented system which, through the thickness of the panel, supplies the power to the movable shelves complete with lighting, installed on NB system. The electric power, transmitted by an electromagnet, is controlled and protected by an electronic board. The system allows you to install lamps on the shelves using all models of FitArt's supports.
The racks do not need electrification.
The supports do not need a connector.
There is no polarity to manage.
There is no risk of contact oxidation.

The product is not yet available on the market. With the patent registration in October 2018, all the prototyping phases have now been completed. The industrialization phase will be completed during 2020.

NB flush door

FitArt's brand new NB flush door. It completes the NB system and allows its use in all those contexts where it was necessary to interrupt the panelling near the door. The NB flush door is entirely made of aluminium and it fits flush with the interior surrounding panelling.

The NB flush door provides the acoustic reduction of more than 40db. Therefore the NB system becomes the only one, among the interior proposals, making the best of each type of panel and cladding material.

T series

Series of supports entirely in aluminum with a characteristic broken straight line shape. Their innovative strength: the grafting of the support in the milling of the shelf and the blocking of the shelf by means of an elastic steel clip , so no fixing elements are visible.

The series presents different models to be used with shelves of various thicknesses and depths. In addition to the vastness of the proposed models, the industrialized production process allows customization based on the size of the shelf.

By choosing the model for 25 mm thick shelves, they can be combined with the W Series supports in order to satisfy further compositional needs. Also proposed in ‘optical-steel brushed aluminum finish’ , they meet the aesthetic requirements of the market and have a high resistance to atmospheric agents.


Upright system for doors/shelves

Through the evolution from the FDC system to the FDL it is now possible to conceive new configurations for the upright that combines the hinged doors with the support of movable shelves. The following advantages can therefore be considered:
- significant cost reduction;
- positioning of the wooden or glass shelves ledging from the upright with or without rack;
- housing of the light in the upright without interfering with the shifting of the shelf.

Other new features being developed will be uploaded within few months.