Presentation mockup of: NB System with FMH, RP1 and BCH /// CR0, CRZ and CR4 Series

Usage notes Wooden structure with carrying handle. Overall dimensions 27 x 18 x 28 cm
Lengths Finishes * Special finishing   Materials Legend: Aluminium Steel Plastic verticalsverticalsverticals
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Correlated Each image send back to the technical sheet Article Description Material Finishing Quantity BCH.0050.NAT Single point support - rear fixing Aluminium
CR0.3012.AGR Central panelling profile. Aluminium
CR4.3012.NAT Invisible terminal profile for panelling Aluminium
CRZ.3012.AGR Terminal panelling profile. Aluminium
FMH.3012.NAT Horizontal equippable profile with posterior fixing Aluminium
NB0.2886.ZIN Invisible profile for panelling Steel
NB1.3012.NAT Single slotted profile Aluminium
NB2.3012.NAT Double slotted profile Aluminium
NB3.30DX.NAT Double slotted profile, right side Aluminium
NB3.30SX.NAT Double slotted profile, left side Aluminium
NB6.30DX.NAT Finishing profile, right side Aluminium
NB6.30SX.NAT Finishing profile, left side Aluminium
NB7.30DX.NAT Single slotted profile, right side Aluminium
NB7.30SX.NAT Single slotted profile, left side Aluminium
NB8.3012.NAT Finishing profile, central Aluminium
NB9.3012.NAT Finishing profile, corner Aluminium
RP1.3012.NAT Single slotted profile Aluminium