Presentation mockup of self-standing profile: FDL

Usage notes The Kit includes:
- 2x profiles - FDL
- 2x profiles - TRL
- 2x support - L30.P0JJ
- 2x support - L30.AP00
- 1x hangrail - R30
- 1x matt gasket - G30
- 2x pre-drilled base - BAS.FDCT
- 2x aluminium foot - PIE.R5X3
- 2x connector - PR5.AY20
- 4x plate - PST.L30J
Overall dimensions 35 x 20 cm
Lengths Finishes * Special finishing   Materials Legend: Aluminium Steel Plastic kit FDLM
Downloadable Documents
Correlated Each image send back to the technical sheet Article Description Material Finishing Quantity BAS.FDCT.CHL Pre-drilled base for fixing with feet Metal
FDL.3500.ANE Self-standing upright - 3 way Aluminium
G30.12MT.TRA Matt gasket for rectangular hangrail R30 Plastic
L30.P0JJ.ANE Central supports adjustable on SLOTTED PROFILE - length 300 mm Aluminium
PIE.R5X3.ANE Aluminium foot Aluminium
PR5.AY20.ZIN Joints with high load capacity for 90° connections between TR5, TRL and self-standing profiles. Sliding insertion Metal
PST.39M5.ZIN Adjustable fixing bracket Steel
R30.3000.ANE Rectangular hangrail 30 x 15 mm Aluminium
TRL.3000.ANE Crossbeam profile Aluminium