Presentation mockup of self-standing profile: FDL

Usage notes The Kit includes:
- 1x profile - FDL
- 2x profiles - TRL
- 1x slotted profile - FD2
- 1x cover - TRC
- 1x support - 22D.S190
- 1x support - L30.P0JJ
- 1x cruciform mounting plate - CRN.PSTB
- 1x pre-drilled base - BAS.FDCT
- 1x finishing end cap - CAP.FDCT
- 1x aluminium foot - PIE.R5X3
- 1x 90° bracket - GNT.10X3
- 1x connector - PR5.AY20
- 1x wall fixing plate - FIP.TRLT
- 1x plate - PST.L30J
Overall dimensions 35 x 20 cm
Lengths Finishes * Special finishing   Materials Legend: Aluminium Steel Plastic kit FDLT
Downloadable Documents
Correlated Each image send back to the technical sheet Article Description Material Finishing Quantity 22D.S190.NAT LEFT steel supports on aluminium shaped tube, for double slot profiles Aluminium
BAS.FDCT.CHL Pre-drilled base for fixing with feet Metal
CAP.FDCT.CHL Finishing end cap Metal
CRN.PSTB.NKL Cruciform mounting plate Clip Top 173L8300, pitch 28/32 mm. Steel
FD2.2531.ANE Double slotted profile Aluminium
FDL.3500.NAT Self-standing upright - 3 way Aluminium
FIP.TRLT.NKS Wall fixing plate with adjustable slots Metal
GNT.10X3.ZIN 90° bracket complete with screws and square nuts Steel
L30.P0JJ.NAT Central supports adjustable on SLOTTED PROFILE - length 300 mm Aluminium
PIE.R5X3.NAT Aluminium foot Aluminium
PR5.AY20.ZIN Joints with high load capacity for 90° connections between TR5, TRL and self-standing profiles. Sliding insertion Metal
PST.L30J.ZIN Adjustable fixing bracket Steel
TRC.3000.NAT Aluminium cover profile, to insert on TRL crossbeam Aluminium
TRL.3000.NAT Crossbeam profile Aluminium